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Re: Bug#1389: dselect search feature?

Bill Mitchell writes ("Bug#1389: dselect search feature?"):
> "Michael E. Deisher" <deisher@enws428.EAS.ASU.EDU> said:
> > > 5. Forgive me if I missed this.  Is there a way to do a search (like
> > >    CTRL-s in emacs) for a particular string?  This would sure help
> > >    when one is looking for one package in the list.
> Type "/string".
> There are a couple of problems (IMO) with the way it's implemented.
> 1.  A subsequent "/" doesn't search for the next occurrance of the
>     search target.  It should, IMHO.

\ (backslash) does this.  Please see the keybindings help screen.

If you don't like this (I don't, particularly), please go and write a
version of wgetnstr that can be used to implement it :-).  I am a
shortage of manpower ...

> 2.  A subsequent "/string" with the same string won't search for
>     the next occurrance of the search target until you've manually
>     stepped off the line currently satisfying the search.

\ will go to the next occurence (spelt thus) of the search target,
without you having to step off the line (unless there is no next


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