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Bug#1396: System Hangs!

Raul Miller <moth@magenta.com>

> Dale Scheetz asks:
>    Well, absolutely nothing appears in the log after the last boot
>    message. BTW the major things that appear on the console but not in
>    the messages log is the output from the boot script and
>    run-parts. What do I do to get these messages into a file
>    somewhere?
> si::sysinit:/etc/init.d/boot >>/var/log/boot
> [I think that all log files in /var/log/ are automatically rotated?]

I just rendered my system unbootable by trying this.
(rummages for a disaster disk)

The redirection apparently fails because the root filesystem is mounted
readonly, and thish screws up the rest of the system startup.

If this can be made to work, I was thinking that "| tail -a /var/log/boot"
might be better than the simple redirection.

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