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Bug#1388: dselect should restore state when backing out of dependency resolution

Package: dpkg
Version: 0.93.75

On Mon, 18 Sep 1995 14:52:10 -0400 (EDT), dhs@firefly.com (David H. Silber) said:

> I suggest that each issue be registered as a seperate bug with debian-bugs.

I wrote:

> I used dselect (dpkg 0.93.75) for the first time this weekend.  It
> seems very powerful.  Although I feel much more comfortable with it
> after having spent a few hours with it, there were some rude shocks
> in learning how to use it:

> 4. I did not expect the packages that are automatically selected for
>    me upon entering the dependency resolution screen to stay selected
>    when I deselected the package that brought me into the dependency
>    resolution screen.  Here's the situation:  I selected a package and
>    was immediately switched to the dependency resolution screen for
>    that package.  The required packages were selected for me.  After
>    seeing all the dependency problems, I changed my mind, deselected
>    the package I had intended to install and backed out by pressing
>    "q".  Upon installing, I was surprised to see the packages required
>    by the package I deselected being installed.  I think a better
>    behavior would be for dselect to return packages to their previous
>    (selected/deselected) state when backing out of the dependency
>    screen.

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