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Bug#1384: hostname fails on standalone machine

Michael E. Deisher wrote:
> Package: netstd
> Version: 1.16-1
> The postinst of smail failed on my standalone system because hostname
> returned "Server error".  Hostname works when used to find the machine
> name but fails in this way when asked to give the domain name.  This
> was on a fresh system install using dpkg-0.93.75.  The machine is not
> networked.

This has nothing to do with the netstd package. The hostname command
tries to get the FQDN by using gethostbyname and can't find it. Maybe
the base disks failed to create the /etc/host.conf, /etc/resolv.conf
and /etc/hosts file (with your FQDN)? Or the base system creates these
files but does not set the hostname to the new hostname?


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