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Sorry for beeing so late, but just last week, our office moved (not yet 
completed), and the theater rehearsals took the rest of my time (we'll
play "Julius Caesar", Shakespeare, starting next week, Thursday, 21th).
The move of my office at work  also means my email will stabilize to 
nils@nus.pan-net.de, not to be changed again in the forseeable future.

But here it is: a completely overworked release of my TeX distribution,
closing all known bug reports on TeX. I did change the directory layout
to conform to the upcoming TeX directory standard, because I think a TeX
distribution as widespread as debian will (hopefully) be should not
ignore a standard beeing the combined work of many people. And the changes
to the previous layout are not that big either.

Bruce (?) said you would like to avoid new almost untested packages
at this time. Please make an exception here: The "choosehyphen" and the 
MakeTeXTeX bugfix are important, as well as the addition of postscript font 

I lightly tested the distribution by installing everything and
TeXing a few files, testing automatic font generation etc.
Plese give it a try.

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