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pre-release 0

Pre-release 0 is available in the directory
This consists of 5 install floppies. Ian Murdock will probably move
this to another location when he processes the Incoming directory.

I would like to have some of our experienced installers install this
release set on a spare partition. Please direct feedback to Ian Murdock,
as I will be occupied with other matters for the next week.

1440_boot_floppy.gz and 1440_root_floppy.gz are gzipped, and should be
uncompressed and written to the floppy drive.

1440_base_floppy-[1-3] should be written to the floppy drive, don't try to
uncompress them first.

Known problems:

The root disk is the old one, Ian Murdock is making one with
a nicer user interface.

The modules file on the root disk doesn't quite match the kernel,
thus it won't be able to find some modules.


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