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update-alternatives and vi clones (was: Re: nvi 1.34-7 now available)

Ian Jackson <iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk>

> Ian Murdock writes ("nvi 1.34-7 now available"):
> >         nvi (1.34-7):
> >         * Use `update-alternatives' to update the ex and vi links.
> Ian, can you tell us whether you've made the `ex' link a slave of the
> `vi' link, or arranged for them both to be primary links, and what
> priority number(s) you used ?
> Bill Mitchell and whoever maintains Vim will need to follow your lead.

The elvis update was uploaded last night.

I looked an the nvi package control files before doing the elvis changes.
The nvi package creates alternates for /usr/bin/vi and /usr/bin/ex,
and corresponding manpage slaves to each.  It uses priority 30.
That's what you suggested when you said:

+ Each possible version of a particular piece of software needs a
+ priority number; for best results these numbers should be distinct.  I
+ suggest that we use elvis=10 vim=20 nvi=30 unless someone has a better
+ idea.  I don't know much about which `vi' clones are better, so input
+ here would be appreciated.

I don't want to get into the priority-assigning business, so I used
10 for elvis, as you suggested.  Elvis creates alternatives for /usr/bin/vi,
/usr/bin/ex, /usr/bin/view, and /usr/bin/input, plus a corresponding
manpage slave for each.

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