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Bug#1357: removing nvi removes vi

Package: nvi
Version: 1.34-7


Ok, I have elv-vi as per normal installed on my box here, and I decided to
'try out' the nvi-1.34-7.deb package.

It installed fine, and I could use nvi because it knew that vi was installed
and installed it as nvi - great.  BUT this happened when I removed it:

[root@orion:12:/pub/linux/debian/binary/editors] dpkg -r nvi
(Reading database ... 8721 files and directories currently installed.)
Removing nvi ...
Checking available versions of ex, updating links in /etc/alternatives ...
Discarding obsolete slave link for ex.1 (/usr/man/man1/ex.1).
Last package providing vi (/usr/bin/vi) removed, deleting it.
[root@orion:12:/pub/linux/debian/binary/editirs] vi ~karl/tower.unx
bash: /usr/bin/vi: No such file or directory

I had to re-installed elv-vi and it worked fine.  I don't think that removing
nvi should remove vi too :-)



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