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Bug#1355: mformat does not work

Andi Kleen <andi@mlm.extern.lrz-muenchen.de> said:

> mformat does not work.
> How to repeat:
> # mdir A:
> [ correct directory listing ]
> # mformat A:
> Non-removable media is not supported
> #
> I had expected it to format the disk in the A: drive.

I'll leave this bug report open because the error message could
certainly be better.

Mtools can try multiple disk geometries to read a disk, but needs
to know which one you really want to use in order to write on a disk.

You can provide this info to mformat manually:
       mformat [ -t tracks ] [ -h heads ]  [  -s  sectors  ]  [  -l
       volume label ] drive:
or you can provide information specific to your hardware configuration
by editing /etc/mtools.ref.  There are examples in that file.

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