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Re: libc (again)

   From: Richard Kettlewell <richard@elmail.co.uk>
   Date: Tue, 12 Sep 95 17:23:40 +0100 (BST)

   How much effort would it be to patch libc 4.6.27?  I assume from
   the fact that you haven't just done it that it isn't trivial.  Is a
   patch available anywhere or is everybody supposed to live on the
   bleeding edge of 4.7.4 these days?

Yes, this is what I'm told.

   >I do have good news: Richard Stallman told me last week that GNU
   libc >has just been ported to Linux.  I suggest we start using that
   as soon >as we change to ELF.

   If it's `just' been ported is it any more stable than 4.7.4?  (I
   have never used 4.7.4, I have only hearsay to go on.)

It only supports the ELF format, so we can't use it yet.  In any case,
I wouldn't want to use something that has just been ported.  The port
hasn't even been released yet.

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