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Bug#1343: usr/lib/lynx_help/keystroke_commands unreadable

Andrew Howell writes ("Re: Bug#1343: /usr/lib/lynx_help/keystroke_commands unreadable"):
> Ian Jackson writes:
> > chiark:~> really ls -al /usr/lib/lynx_help/keystroke_commands/
> > total 26
> > drwx------   2 root     root         1024 Aug 29 23:44 .
> I'm closing this bug report because it's fine on my system, and I
> removed lynx and reinstalled it and it was fine also. Also the permissions
> of keystroke_commands are fine in the .deb file.
> drwxr-xr-x root/root         0 Jun 28 04:01 1995 usr/lib/lynx_help/keystroke_commands/

I suspect that a previous version of lynx had incorrect permissions
on this directory.  Note that dpkg won't change permissions on
directories to match those in the package, when upgrading - you have
to say `chmod' and/or `chown' in the postinst.


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