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Re: Debian for Linux/{non-i386} / source packaging

Side comment on something I said:

> current-style:
>     package-1.0-5.tar.gz, package-1.0-5.diff.gz
>     dpkg --unpack package-1.0-5
>     debianized sources end up in package-1.0, as now
> new-style
>     package-1.0-5.tar.gz, package-1.0-5.dpatch.gz
>     dpkg --unpack package-1.0-5
>     debianized sources end up in package-1.0.debian.

I've always been uncomfortable with the current arrangement,
which starts off with a package-1.0.tar.gz file containing
upstream sources This unpacks into package-1.0/.  If the
upstream-sources tarfile is left there after debianizing work,
an inadvertant "tar xzvf package-1.0.tar.gz" trashes the
debianized sources.  Renaming the directory with debianized
sources with a .debian extension seems to me to be a useful
precaution.  Diffs against the upstream sources can then
be done against the directory which the upstream tarfile
naturally unpacks into.

I'm always wary about using the same name for two different
things.  Currently, the answer to the question:  "Does
the package-1.0/ directory contain upstream or debianized
sources?" is "Yes."

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