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Bug#1341: ncurses man pages confusing regarding #include files

PACKAGE: ncurses
VERSION: 1.9.3

It seems that include files mentioned on ncurses man pages
e.g. #include <term.h> need to be included as
e.g. #include <ncurses/term.h>.

I gather that this is to allow both curses (from libc) and
ncurses to be installed alongside one another.

It seems that this will break some (perhaps all) source packages
(and debian-user-written sources as well) which use ncurses in
0.93r{5|6} once ncurses replaces curses after the move to elf.

If there's a good workaround which will prevent this breakage,
it needs to be made very visible to both debian package and
debian-user developers.

If the breakage is unavoidable, this needs to be made similarly

Or am I missing something which should be obvious to me?

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