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Re: Do we really care how many floppies are in the base?

Steve Greenland writes:
   >Well, I like vi, and use it a lot, and I also think ee is a much
   >better choice for 'base' editor.
   >If you do choose to include a screen editor in the base system, may I
   >suggest that there also be a link to 'edit'? 'ee' (or 'pico', or
   >whatever) is not what I'd call obvious.

Richard Kettlewell:
   Seconded.  Perhaps the value of the `edit' link should be controlled
   by update-alternatives.  (Perhaps it shouldn't if we want to to point
   at something that is always there even if /usr isn't mounted.)

Instead of a soft link to some system-defined editor, why not make
edit a shell script which provides a reasonable default, yet allows
configuration on a per-user basis:

${EDITOR-/bin/ee} $@


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