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Re: Debian for Linux/{non-i386} / source packaging

> Michael K. Johnson writes ("Re: Debian for Linux/68k? "):
> > Red Hat has architecture names in the binary packages.  Debian should
> > do the same if it is going to be multi-architecture.
> Yes, you are right.
> Ian.

Indeed. We're discussing changeing the source format. Perhaps it
is best to have
1. an unmodified source
2. a "debianize" script (like the Bogus .notes files), that functions
   like an enhanced perl-style diff. (Perl5 diffs are both shell scripts
   (which allows for moving files, untarring in subdirs etc.) and diffs).
   A "debianize" script would do something like this:
   - extract the unmodified source (after mkdir and cd to a subdir if it
     doesn't untar in a subdir)
   - apply architecture independent patches
   - place the architecture independent debian.* files in the subdir
   - determine the architecture
   - apply architecture specific patches
   - place architecture dependent debian.* files in the subdir.
   I think it is best to find a way (maybe "shar" like) to place all
   the patches, debian.* files etc in the "debianize" script.

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