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Bug#1326: dpkg won't compile

On Wed, 6 Sep 95 21:00 BST, Ian Jackson <iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk> said:

> dpkg is not supported on non-Linux platforms, except for the
> dpkg-deb program.
> If you send me a patch I'll incorporate it.

If I made a patch of the source, it would probably break compilation
under Linux.  The reasons are 1) I added an absolute pathname so that
lib/lock.c got the BSD "file.h" instead of the SYSV one and 2) I
commented out the reference to catchsig.sa_restorer in main/help.c
since my system (Solaris 2.4) does not have that structure member.  I
don't know autoconf well enough to fix these properly.  I will still
send you the patch if you are interested.  Otherwise, just close this
bug report.


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