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Re: perlconfig in postinst: opinion please...


I just went to a 2-disk base system at your request. This, obviously, meant
that I had to remove some files from the base, including the entirety of
/usr/lib/perl5 . Thus, the perl headers are _not_ in place in the
base system, and "use Socket" or "require sys/socket.ph" will _not_ work until
perl is installed.

Hopefully placing "perl" in the "half-installed" state will force
the user to install it before any other packages, but the alternative would be
to place a dependency on the perl package in packages that loaded perl headers
in their preinst or postinst.

There are 1.8 megabytes in /usr/lib/perl5 . There's no way to fit that in a
1 or 2 disk base system.


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