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Re: perlconfig in postinst: opinion please...

"Michael E. Deisher" <deisher@enws428.EAS.ASU.EDU> said:
> [...]  Perl is part of the base system, right?  Therefore, I
> do not need a "REQUIRES:  perl" in the control file, right?  Or has
> all this changed since Bruce started paring down the base system???

Bruce Perens <bruce@Pixar.com> said:

> It is prudent to add dependencies to base packages, and won't hurt to do so.

The Packages file says:

> Class: standard
> Section: devel
> Package: perl
> Version: 5.001
> Package_Revision: 3

("Section:  devel").  Is it moving to the base section?
There was some discussion previously about packages like
ncurses-runtime and perl which come partially installed
with the base section, but I don't think it ever reached
closure.  currently, ncurses-runtime and perl can be
installed and then removed, and that'll cause problems.

Currently, according to the Packages file, the only package which
depends on perl is autoconf.  That'll require that the perl package
currently in the devel section be installed in order to install

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