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dchanges-1.0.6 uploaded -- adds "Description"

1.0-5 is still in Incoming.  I wasn't allowed to delete it.

I'm still not announcing this to debian-changes.  Is the debate
still going on?

BTW, the way I use it is to put the Priority and Changes field in
my source package debian.README file (which I use as a changelog),
write the most recent Changelog entry out to a file named "changes",
and say "dchanges -c changes <package>*".  (actually, I use "-C"
from a build script which might build multiple packages)

I converted to this from my previous format, and don't find it
very difficult to live with.  Visual separation can be easily
introduced into the changes file with " ." lines or by inserting
"#" comment lines.

This isn't any more difficult for me than programming in C on
a project which mandates coding style guidelines which I must
live with whether I like them or not, and has similar benefits
to what is produced by having all programming team members
use the same set of style guidelines.

Date:  Wed Sep  6 18:08:21 PDT 1995
Package:  dchanges
Version:  1.0-6
Description:  build the changes file for a debian package
Priority: Routine
Changes:  Bugfixes and enhancements
 remove redundant comments from head of file
 simplify sed invocations by removing leftover, obsolete trash
 add Description field and -e option
 update dchanges.1
# File: <name> <size> <md5sum> <destination>
File: dchanges-1.0-6.deb 5630 8fb4a0322320f122de5bf8ab54813605 binary/misc
File: dchanges-1.0-6.diff.gz 26 75b307030641943fda58088075a7651f source/misc
File: dchanges-1.0-6.tar.gz 6540 9e906d00cfbc2c0fac5e02bc8332393b source/misc

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