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Re: Alternative program versions (eg vi)

Ian Jackson <iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk> said:

> update-alternatives is available in dpkg 0.93.72, which will be
> available as soon as I have uploaded it.  How to use the script is
> probably best described by example - see below.
> Maintainers of vi packages and other similar software should upgrade
> ASAP and try it out.  If there are no serious problems found they
> should update their packages to use the new scheme ASAP - ie, delete
> any special-case code for handling /usr/bin/vi and use this script
> instead.
> [...]

This seems like it'll require a lot of coordination between maintainers.
What about a conflictor who mistakenly ignores this and installs his
program directly into the place where this had put a link?

Is this now mandated?

If this is now mandated, will the priority-assigner please advise me
what priority I should be using for elvis (installs alternatives vi,
ex, input, and view in usr/bin and vi.1, ex.1, input.1, and view.1 in
/usr/man/man1) -- other vi clones install other alternatives to
some of these.

Also, please advise me what priority I should be using for elv-fmt
(installs alternative /usr/bin/fmt and slave /usr/man/man1/fmt.1)
-- the textutils package installs an alternative to this.

Also, what's the status of cpio:mt vs. mt-st:mt?  If I need
priority numbers for alternative /usr/bin/mt and slave
/usr/man/man1/mt.1 for the mt-st package, please provide those
as well.

As far as I know offhand, those are the only cases where this will impact
my packages (but then, you never know when a new conflictor will appear).

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