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Bug#1297: nohup doesn't seem to work

   I think this is a red herring. The signal won't get raised if the
   handler is set to SIG_IGN. Moreover, when I run the simple test
   below, nohup works correctly. I still suspect something else is
   getting to the SIGHUP handler in the test you are running.

[test deleted.]

Ok, perhaps I've completely misdiagnosed what's going on.

Here's my situation: I'm trying to run xdos (from dosemu) as root.
[suid root doesn't work for some features.]  So, I need to respond to
the su prompt before I am able to fire up xdos.  However, using the
"obvious method" of firing up an rxvt (or, if I remember right, an
xterm) to run the su has the problem that when the rxvt (or xterm)
exits it kills the dos window.  nohup won't solve this problem.

>From earlier attempts at getting telnet to do rsh like things under X,
and from some tests I did before submitting this bug report, I believe
that this phenomena is independent of the program I'm running from
inside su.  It's also independent of su -- sh -c exhibits the same
symptoms as su -c.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to have access to the machine that has X
installed till tuesday, so I can't run any further tests at this time.


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