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Bug#1307: Netbase fails due to running daemons

Karl Ferguson writes ("Bug#1307: Netbase fails due to running daemons"):
> > Package: netbase
> > Version: 1.13-1
> Ok, the package works fine if I run the postinst script, no worries.  But if
> ANY daemons it's meant to restart are running it'll barf the error.  ie: if
> I didn't kill named/smail/inetd/rpc.portmap/rpc.mountd/rpc.nfsd it would barf -
> only AFTER I manaully killed all these process it installed fine.  Sounds
> bad, but maybe a "killall -TERM named"... etc in the postinst script would
> be alright?

Ah.  Is netbase using start-stop-daemon (as it should be) ?

chiark:~> start-stop-daemon --help
Debian GNU/Linux start-stop-daemon 0.93.68.  Copyright (C) 1995
Ian Jackson.  This is free software; see the GNU General Public Licence
version 2 or later for copying conditions.  There is NO warranty.

Usage: start-stop-daemon --start | --stop | --version|--help  options ...
Options:  --test  --oknodo    --exec <executable>  --pidfile <pid-file>
          --quiet|--verbose   --user <username>|<uid>  --name <process-name>
          --signal <signal>  --startas <pathname>
          -- <... all of the rest are arguments to daemon ...>
 Be careful - try not to call without --exec.  `start-stop-daemon --stop'
 would send a SIGTERM to every process, if it weren't specially prevented.

Exit status:  0 = done  1 = nothing done (=> 0 if --oknodo)  2 = trouble

As you can see, start-stop-daemon gives an exit status of 1 if it
doesn't do anything.  netbase should probably be using --oknodo.


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