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Bug#1294: umask strangeness

Package: libc     ???
Version: 4.6.27-5

I'm getting a behavior where umask seems to be ignored:

bash$ umask
bash$ sigdiag test
Initializing... test 1 2 3
bash$ cat test
cat: test: Permission denied
bash$ ls -l test
--wx---r-x   1 rdm      src             8 Aug 30 18:13 test
bash$ umask

I can supply the source to sigdiag if necessary, but basically it's
just doing an open, with O_RDWR|O_CREAT followed by a series of writes
to the file.  A series of such tests yields:

--wx---r-x   1 rdm      src             8 Aug 30 18:13 test
-r-x--xr-T   1 rdm      src             9 Aug 30 18:19 test2
-rw------T   1 rdm      src             8 Aug 30 18:19 test3
----r-xr--   1 rdm      src             8 Aug 30 18:20 test4

Maybe I'm way out in left field, but these open flags seem reasonable
to me.  [e.g. consider a temp file where data is written then read.]


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