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Re: New ispell packages - proposals

> I was thinking of making ispell depend on a dictionary, not recommending
> one.  Recommending will certainly solve the dpkg problem, but will leave
> the user with the possible situation of having ispell binaries with no
> dictionaries.

Is there any way to use ispell without the hashs?  Can you say, use
the tools to build your own dictionary?  If that is the case, then
ispell does not _require_ dictionaries to function, but it can be
recommended -- in other words, "in order to have normal functionality,
most people should install one."

> I have always taken the recommended line to be just that, ie.
> functionality of a package does not depend on the recommended packages
> being installed.

I think dselect will pop up a box of packages that the current one
recommends, with the default being to choose them.  That seems safe
enough to me (of course, others may very well disagree).  You could
write that dictionaries are not provided with the ispell package in t
he description.


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