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Bug#1276: server-start problem with emacs

   Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 14:51:16 +0200
   From: Jan Leonhard Camenisch <camenisc@inf.ethz.ch>

   Package: emacs
   Version: 19.29-1

   When invoking M-x server-start within emacs, it says: server subprocess
   exited. Furthermore emacs opens a file called: Permissions.
   The normal behavior would be to start the server and saying:
   Loading server....done.

   In contrast the above works for user  root. it seems that a normal
   user has no longer the right to open the server subprocees, so
   that the programm emacsclient can handle file over to emacs.

I can't reproduce this, so I'm marking it done.  If the problem
persists, could you file another bug report with additional
information, such as the content of the "Permissions" file, etc.?


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