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Re: New ispell packages - proposals

> Each dictionary package provides an Ispell_Dictionary virtual package.  
> Now then, the problem is that of circular dependencies again.  Ideally, 
> ispell should depend on an Ispell_Dictionary, but then the dictionaries 
> should depend on ispell.  Chicken or egg situation...  It is my 
> understanding that we don't have a mechanism for handling these mutually 
> dependent packages, or do we?

I thought Virtual Packages were designed to handle cases like this.  I
had assumed it would go something like:

	Virtual-Recommended: ispell-dictionary

	Depends: ispell
	Virtual-Provides: ispell-dictionary

I don't know what the actual syntax/keywork is.  But wouldn't the idea
be that anybody installing ispell would be told that installing a
dictionary is highly recommended, and anybody installing ibritish
would be required to install ispell?


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