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Bug#1292: X locks up

Package: xsvga
Version: 3.1.2

I've been using XSVGA with olwm running under Solaris ("SunOS 5.4") as
its window manager, and I've notice that I lose keyboard control with
regularity.  Two cases of particular note:

running /usr/openwin/bin/perfmeter (I believe), I lose keyboard
control when I exit the program.  This can be solved by remotely
logging in and killing the app, or by logging in to my linux box and
killing X.

running wabi, I also lost control of the keyboard -- here I had to
reboot linux to regain a usable keyboard.

If it's of interest, the way I'm bringing up x is:

in a random terminal session under linux:

nohup X :1 &
xterm -display :1

In the resulting xterm window:
xhost +solarisboxname
telnet solarisboxname [and log in]
[then shut down that xterm]

The script myopenwin is basically the openwin script from solaris
canabalized for just the environmental variable settings (and DISPLAY
defaults to server :1 on my machine) -- and instead of running startx,
it merely runs olwm.

[If I can get linux to work stably, >>then<< I'll see about getting
xdm up on the solaris box.]


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