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Withdraw mt-st package?

The mt-st package came about when someone complained in
debian-devel that the mt program provided in the cpio package
was either broken or somehow inadequate.  This alternative mt
program has been available on linux ftp sites for some time,
so I packaged it up and uploaded it for evaluation.

That was several months ago, and I've received neither positive
nor negative feedback about it.  Unless someone has a reason why
it should be retained, I'd like to withdraw the mt-st package.

If mt-st is retained, the conflict which it has with the mt
program in the cpio package should be dealt with.  Currently,
neither package is aware of the other, and the alternative
mt programs and manpages which they contain will overwrite
one another on installation.  Given the package-granularity
focus of dpkg, the only way I know of to handle this cleanly
is for the cpio package maintainer to unbundle cpio and mt
from that package into two separate binary packages, so that
the mt package thus created and the mt-st package can declare
conflicts with one another.  (note that, even if mt-st is
withdrawn, any other alternative mt package which appears will
have this same problem).

mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com (Bill Mitchell)

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