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Re: questions about debian package xtet42-2.02

> > > 
> > > - Is the group id 60 the "official" group id for the games group. Is
> > >   there a document (either debian or FSSTND-like) which describes uids
> > >   and gids ?
> > 
> > No, I just choose this, i've since decided that I could just use
> > the games user instead.
> You couldn't use the games user instead, it took me some hours to find
> this out ...
> A setuid games program is unable to read the .Xauthority file and
> therefore cannot connect to protected X servers. Nearly any X server
> is protected.

Hmmm interesting. Didn't know anything about this.

> Was there already any discussion about including a games gid into the
> official debian base ? Is the usage of gid 60 approved by the Debian
> gods ? (Otherwise I will ask debian-devel about it.)

I asked debian-devel about it when I made the package and no one
replied. I'm ccing this to them, maybe this time we'll get a response :)


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