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Re: A "hard line" on users placing files on debian's "turf"?

andrew@kryten.it.com.au (Andrew Howell) writes:
> Debian doesn't stop people putting anything anywhere, it advises people
> to put things in sensible places. /usr/local is the sensible place
> for something you have compiled yourself, it makes things much easier
> when you want to backup just your own stuff. Debian does follow the
> FSSTND, afaik Slackware doesn't.

Okay, good. The impression I got from the earlier mail was that Debian
had a "turf" (viz subject line) upon which users should not install their
own binaries. /usr/local is sensible, to us, anyway---but not to everybody.
For Debian to make it big you shouldn't force sysadmins to do it 'your


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