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Bug#1258: Loading Bug

After about a year of an on again/off again relationship with Linux I
convinced the guys at work to try Linux an the machine at work. We
had successfully had a Slackware release running great but noone was
interested at that time. This time around I had read a lot of
information on the debian release and was looking forward to
installing it instead of slackware as it seemed MUCH more organized.
I got all the pre-release documentation and the base system. The
installation went great and the section in the documentation about
managing filesystems on different partitions was VERY helpful. During
the install I created a boot floppy to use until I was confident on
installing LILO. We went to boot off this floppy and all that was
printed to the screen was:

which kept repeating ad infinitum.
We are using a Digital 486 pc running at 66Mhz
with 2 ide hardrives hda is a quantum 235 meg drive
and hdb is a seagate 850 meg drive they both work great in dos and
during the setup Linux recognized the the large hdb correctly.
we intended to setup debian on hdb2-8 which was partitioned following
the examples in the pre-release docs.We have two 1.44  3.5" floppies
that we used for the install. We booted of of fd0: and passed
ramdisk root=/dev/fd1 to the kernel to start the install.
We also used /dev/fd0 to create the boot floppy.
I looked and the bugs index on http://www.debian.org but didnot see
any bug that might be this. Sorry for repeating it if you already
have a report on it. We went ahead and installed  a slackware
release and are having no problems with it. So I am confused as to
why one type of linux would boot yet the other won't. Any info you
have on this would be appreciated as we are would still like to try
and get debian running. Thanks

Brian K. Taylor
Technical Services Group Coordinator
Phone (518) 442-4296
Fax   (518) 442-4723

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