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Re: Backup package initial target

David Silber:
.  Re-installation will require that the base system and the backup
.  package be manually reinstalled.  The Debian packages needed should
.  be made available in the directory /Debian/backup.  (This could be
.  a symbolic link to an NFS-mounted directory.)

How do you intend to manage the case where the distribution media has
.deb files in multiple directories?  [e.g. a cdrom containing a
mirror image of ftp.debian.org.]

How about the case where the distribution media involves multiple
cdroms?  [I can easily see putting off implementation of this aspect
for a much later stage.]

Also, I think you're going to have to have a backup management system,
in addition to this backup mechanism you've just defined.

Finally, I think later releases should allow for
backup-without-compression -- compressed backups would tend to be more
vulnerable to media failures.


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