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Bug#1255: Automatic update of the locate database includes AFS and ALEX FS!

Dominik Kubla writes:
> The cron.daily scripts included in that package does not check
> wether AFS or ALEX are installed on the host. Thus the updatedb
> utility will do a truly _GLOBAL_ find to update the database.
> As a fix to this add the --prunepath="/afs /alex" option by default.
> I would also like to hint that the install script should add the /home
> branch and the /var/spool/mail directory because of privacy issues.

Can you tell me what the fstype of Alex and AFS filesystems are ?
`alex' and `afs' ?

If alex filesystems are just NFS I suppose I shall have to add them to
the cron package's `checksecurity' script's exclusion list by `common
mount point'.

Perhaps we need a general list of `exclude this fstype and that
directory from any recursive searches' config file, as part of the
cron package ?

That way it will be less of a problem when we miss one out, and the
modifications to the list won't be mixed up with general changes to
the checksecurity script or the various cron.daily scripts.


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