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Re: Configuration file update behaviour change options

Bill Mitchell writes:

>Unless they've been looking in /var/lib/dpkg/status, package
>installers  won't know what files in a package are conffiles and what
>are not.  Package maintainers do know about such things.

It's usually obvious what a configuration file is.  If I can work it
out, so can other people.

>Also, an installer won't know what the conffile setup of an
>uninstalled upgrade package is, unless there are release notes
>or somesuch to tell him, and we don't make any provision for package
>release notes.  It's likely pretty close to the installed version
>which he's upgrading -- but perhaps not.

Bill, it's quite possible that the installer *does* know *exactly*
what they are doing.

>If this isn't made a maintainer option instead of an installer
>option, how about making it a maintainer option as well as an
>installer option.  There'd be a default, which could be overridden by
>the maintainer, which could be further overridden by the installer.

I think there's a lot to be said for consistency between packages in
terms of what they do to configuration files.


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