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Bug#1234: No 8 bit support in ispell.deb

> Package: ispell
> Version: 3.1.18-1
> [...]
> Could we have the ispell binary support 8 bit characters?  It seems that
> the hash files will need to be rebuilt from the original dictionaries
> too.

You look to know a lot more about ispell and dictionaries then I do,
would you consider taking over maintenance of ispell and and related
packages your interested in (dictionaries, words)?  I dropped the
package awhile ago since I realized I was not doing a very good job of
it (I only picked it up because the original maintainer dropped it due
to his being separated from Linux).

> I also noticed that the man4 directory was /usr/local/man/man4 instead
> of in /usr/man/man5, but I don't suppose this matters as the relevant
> man pages are actually in /usr/man/man5 in the debian package.

Yeah, I believe I made the debian.rules stick the pages in the right
place after the hideous kludge they called a Makefile was done.


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