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Yet another lost bug mail

I hope this will be the last one.  David Brinks is sending me a GNU
`cat' binary that should exit with a non-zero status when it loses
data, so that procmail knows about the problem.

The sysadmins here didn't increase my quota after all, because these
things only get done by a job at 4am, hence the problem.  Grrr.


08/10/95 16:11:35: [m0sgZGd-000BziC] received
|            from: nobody@pixar.com
|            host: mongo.pixar.com []
|        protocol: smtp
|         program: sendmail
|         orig-id: <m0sgZBP-000DlVC@mongo.pixar.com>
|            size: 1619 bytes

08/10/95 16:11:38: [m0sgZGd-000BziC] delivered
|              to: /home/iwj10/public/SunOS4/bin/procmail -p /home/iwj10/.procma
|         orig-to: <iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk>
|        director: dotforward
|       transport: pipe

08/10/95 16:11:38: [m0sgZGd-000BziC] Completed.

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