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nice development tool / Motif


I've been using "DDD" on our university machines lately, and found it
a very useful tool. It is a copylefted graphical front-end for GDB,
which unfortunately requires Motif to compile.

If someone has Motif for Linux, this would make a very useful
package. I'll include part of the readme here:

-- README --
DDD 1.2 is available

    Release 1.2 of the Data Display Debugger (DDD), a graphical
    front-end for GDB and DBX debuggers, is now available by anonymous
    FTP from `ftp.ips.cs.tu-bs.de` [] in the file
    `/pub/local/softech/ddd/ddd-1.2.tar.gz' (0.9 MB).  Diffs from
    earlier versions are in `/pub/local/softech/ddd/diffs/`.  Binaries
    for various architectures are in `/pub/local/softech/ddd/bin/`.
    Please try a closer FTP site first; see below for a list.

Summary of DDD

    The Data Display Debugger (DDD) is a novel graphical user
    interface to GDB and DBX, the popular UNIX debuggers.  Besides
    ``usual'' features such as viewing source texts and breakpoints,
    DDD provides a *graphical data display*, where data structures are
    displayed as graphs.  A simple mouse click dereferences pointers
    or views structure contents.  Complex data structures can be
    explored incrementally and interactively, using automatic layout
    if preferred.  Each time the program stops, the data display
    reflects the current variable values.  Using DDD, you can reason
    about your application by viewing its data, not just by viewing it
    execute lines of source code.

    Other DDD features include: debugging of programs written in C,
    C++, Pascal, or Modula-2; hypertext source navigation and lookup;
    GDB/DBX command-line interface with full editing, history, and
    completion capabilities; breakpoint, backtrace, and history
    editors; optional program execution in terminal emulator window;
    debugging on remote host; on-line manual; interactive help on the
    OSF/Motif user interface.  DDD has been designed to compete with
    well-known commercial debuggers.

    DDD has been extensively beta-tested (especially by debugging
    itself) and should configure, compile and run out-of-the-box for a
    variety of UNIX architectures, including AIX (powerpc-ibm-aix3,
    rs6000-ibm-aix3), Suns (sparc-sun-sunos4, sparc-sun-solaris2),
    DECs (mips-dec-ultrix4), HPs (hppa1.1-hp-hpux9.05) and Linux
    (i386-unknown-linux, i486-unknown-linux).

    DDD is free software, protected by the GNU general public license.
    It is actively maintained by its authors, Dorothea Luetkehaus and
    Andreas Zeller at the Technische Universitaet Braunschweig, Germany.


    To build a complete DDD from sources, you need:

       * The GNU C++ compiler (GCC/G++), version 2.6.3, and a matching
	 C++ I/O library (libg++, libstdc++, or libiostream).

         Some other C++ compilers have been reported to compile DDD as
         well, such as Sun CC 4.0.  Cfront 3.0 does not compile DDD.

       * The X window library (Xlib) and X toolkit library (Xt),
         X11R4 or later.

       * The OSF/Motif Widget library (release 1.1 or later).  Best
         results are achieved using Motif 2.0 in conjunction with the
         Athena Widget library.

       * Optionally, in addition to the OSF/Motif widget library, the
         Athena Widget library (release 5 or later).  Having the
         Athena Widget library is convenient for supporting
         two-dimensional scrollbars and the `editres' protocol.

    To run DDD, you need a GDB debugger (version 4 is required; best
    results are achieved with 4.13 or later).  Using GDB, you can
    debug programs written in C and C++.

More Information

    A World-Wide-Web page (including screen shots) devoted to DDD is
    installed at `http://www.cs.tu-bs.de/softech/software/ddd_e.html'.

    The DDD users mailing list, `ddd-users@ips.cs.tu-bs.de', is the
    right place to contact other DDD users for assistance and hints.
    New DDD releases and bug fixes are also announced here.
    Send a mail to `ddd-users-request@ips.cs.tu-bs.de' for more

    Some people and organizations offer support services for DDD.
    See the file `SERVICE' in the DDD distribution for details.

    Send suggestions and bug reports for DDD to `ddd-bugs@ips.cs.tu-bs.de'.

DDD source FTP sites

    The DDD source package `ddd-1.2.tar.gz' will soon be at these FTP
    sites as well.  Please try them before `ftp.ips.cs.tu-bs.de' since
    ftp.ips has a slow network connection.

Have fun!
Andreas Zeller (ddd@ips.cs.tu-bs.de)
Technische Universitaet Braunschweig, Germany
-- end --

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