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Re: Colour ls

  Bill Mitchell writes:
  Bill>  Bruce Perens <bruce@Pixar.com> said:
  >> I thought color "ls" was cool, though I think others didn't like it. I
  >> don't know why it was removed - was it a copyright issue?  I'd be
  >> willing to put it back in fileutils.
  Bill>  If you do put it back, I vote for a default configuration which
  Bill> makes it act like vanilla ls -- no colors.

I am in favour of color ls. But I vote against it leaving colours out. If
it's there it should use colours.

Maybe we should keep fileutils 'as is' and have a package 'color-ls' that
replaces 'ls' and adds 'dircolors'. 

Problem with the Debian approach is that color-ls (the patch I compiled
against GNU fileutils sometime last fall as well as the current patch that I
grabbed it from <sunsite-linux-root>/utils/file/colors-ls- a
minute ago) is configured using an environment variable and some aliases.
That seems to be in conflict with the 'all runs by default' policy that Ian J.
advocates for and that I personally agree with. 


Dirk Eddelbuettel

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