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Bug#1210: lost bug? ppp configuration ugliness


>>>>> "Raul" == Raul Miller <rdr@tad.micro.umn.edu> writes:

    Raul> Package: ppp Version: 2.1.2b

    Raul> I don't like the way the ppp configuration files are set up
    Raul> in /etc/ppp -- it's reasonable to start up ppp over a null
    Raul> modem from the command line, but there's so much cruft in
    Raul> these files that it's impossible to do this without clearing
    Raul> out the ppp/options file on both ends.

    Raul> As this configuration is useless (e.g. it invokes chat to
    Raul> dial a non-phone number), I think it should be
    Raul> changed/simplified.

I would tend to agree with this. I suspect that many ppp users have
ppp needs similar to myself. That is that they use Linux at home to
connect up intermittantly to work (or where ever) and close down the
connection when it is no longer required. Under these situations I
dont want ppp to start at boot time etc.

I have a personal set of ppp/chat scripts that I use to
initiate/monitor/close dialback connections to various
machiens/architectures etc. I would be more than willing to make these
available to the ppp package maintainer if people thought they would
be useful.

Maybe the solution would be to have a base ppp package that only
contained the binaries, man pages etc. and then to have various ppp
configurations; ppp-static for static lines; ppp-dynamic for my type of
useage; ppp-dip for people who use dip etc.

What do people think?

PS. I have heard some people say ppp is not reliable. I have found it
rock solid, and quite fast.


Alvar Bray

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