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Bug system down today.

cus.cam.ac.uk, on which I (amongst other things) run the bug tracking
system, is down today for SunOS4 -> Solaris2 conversion.  All the user
home directories are also being moved, onto a dedicated NFS-server.

Mail should be queued until it returns (planned for around 5pm BST
today), and will then hopefully be processed as normal.  The WWW pages
are still available in the usual places, but they are not being
updated.  The updates should resume automatically.

I wouldn't guarantee, though, that there will be no problems.
If there are any I shall try to fix them tomorrow, Sunday.


(PS: my ordinary `home' email address, iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk, is also
affected.  I expect this to be easier to restart after the upgrade.)

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