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Bug#1201: perl doesn't know about includes

Package: perl
Version: 5.001-3

Perl should be able to generate .ph files just from the includes package,
but needs the source package instead.  (If includes doesn't provide
enough for perl to work with then this is a bug in includes instead.)

Roll on virtual packages...

Script started on Fri Aug  4 18:18:10 1995
# dpkg --status includes
Package: includes
Status: install ok installed
version: 1.2.11
package_revision: 1
maintainer: Bruce Perens <Bruce@Pixar.com>
description: Linux kernel headers, if you aren't installing kernel-source.
 If you are going to install the "C" compiler or other development
 software, you should install the "includes" package, or the "source"
 package, but not both.
class: standard

`Available' version of package includes, where different:

# dpkg --status perl
Package: perl
Status: install hold installed
version: 5.001
package_revision: 3
maintainer: Carl Streeter <streeter@cae.wisc.edu>
description: An interpreted scripting language
class: standard

`Available' version of package perl, where different:

# perlconfig
You don't seem to have a kernel source tree.
This will prevent much of the functionality
involving Perl header (.ph) files from working
properly.  You can get this by installing
the 'source' debian package or installing it yourself.
Once you have done this, you can re-run this script
as 'perlconfig' as root.

Script done on Fri Aug  4 18:18:34 1995


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