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dpkg priorities

I'd like some comment on which of the following are more
important/urgent.  Here is my provisional ranking:

* fixing any serious bugs found in dpkg.
* dselect access scripts for hard disk / NFS installation.
* dselect user interface improvement.
* .deb file splitting and automatic reassembly. [1]
* dselect access scripts for floppy-based installation.
* change the .deb format to be saner and more extensible. [1]
* fixing the INN package (if noone else has done it first).
(these next 3 are pretty much intermixed:)
* security (package integrity) extension to dpkg.
* minor changes and improvements to dpkg (though I'll probably use
  this as `salt' to go with the other work).
* minor updates to various other packages (eg, for extended
  descriptions, at on notebooks, &c)


[1] These will mean that users will have to upgrade their dpkg in
order to install packages that use the new format(s).  In the case of
the format change the old format will be unsupported eventually, but
not before building integrity-checked packages has become mandatory.

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