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Bug#1184: kermit blurb in postinst inappropriate

> Bill Mitchell writes in a message sent to the Kermit people:
> > 5.  I ask if it'd be OK for us to make debian kermit available via
> >     ftp.  I mention that we have install-time messages, and offer
> >     to refer users to Columbia, and to mention the "Using C-Kermit"
> >     book, in these install-time messages.  I get a verbal OK on this.


Wouldn't it be better to just have this message in the DESCRIPTION and
copyright?  It would seem to make more sense, since it is not a
installation-related piece of text.  In fact you could have it in the
DESCRIPTION, copyright, and /usr/doc/kermit just to be extra sure
people would see it. :)


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