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Re: `experimental' directory &c

Ian Murdock writes ("Re: `experimental' directory &c"):
>    Date: Wed, 26 Jul 95 02:35 BST
>    From: iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk (Ian Jackson)
>    This sounds like the new `experimental' hierarchy.  Ideally the
>    `experimental' tree would be a complete copy of the main Debian
>    tree, but with experimental alpha and beta versions of everything.
>    It would have its own Packages file and source, binary and msdos
>    directories.
>    Is this what you had planned, Ian ?
> The experimental directory can be used for anything.  It will probably
> be used to make pre-release versions of the ELF distribution, yes.

I don't seem to have been sufficiently clear about my main point.

I'd like there to be a permanent directory structure containing
testing versions of all the packages.  I don't particularly mind where
it goes, precisely, but it must have the same structure as the main
`binary' archive.

This make it much easier to back off from any undesirable changes, and
will allow us to detect problems much earlier.

Obviously not all packages and maintainers will have testing versions
available.  In this case we just put the ordinary production version
in the testing tree.

New testing versions could be announced on debian-devel, rather than
debian-user/debian-announce (and should be marked as such in the
release announcement so that they end up in the right directory).


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