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Re: ARGHHH!!!!

On Tue, 1 Aug 1995, James A. Robinson wrote:

> Grrr.  Anybody here know what $!@#$#!@ program would give the $#@$!@#
> error "clnttcp_create: RPC Program not registered"??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

mountd  (rpc.mountd)
nfsd	(nfsd & biod)
rpc.portmap (portmap/ portmapd)
or one of those in that series...

:) Been so long since I have used Linux :) I forget what it is called 
these days. But is usually has to do with NFS and mounting NFS...

portmap would be the obvious first try since it has the most to do with it...
If you were say net connected then you disconected this would cause that 
error. NOTE: that is a common warning on all BSD style unicies...


> Every time I do something like an ls -l of a directory, tar a file
> across dirs, or anything, I get that error.  Whatever it is, it has
> not written anything to the log files.  I've tried booting both a
> 1.2.11 kernel and the 1.2.10 image that comes with Debian, neither
> helps.
> Jim

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