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Re: location of lilo.conf

stick@richnet.net said:

> > [... suggests /etc/lilo.conf -> /boot/etc/lilo.conf ...]
> > [... discusses utility in the case of boot-time selectable roots ...]
> [...]
> One possible solution would be for you (Bill Mitchell) to create a set
> of [post|pre][remove|install] scripts which make the changes you suggest,
> build a  .deb package out of it, offer that to the folks on debian-devel,
> and see what people think and how many feel it's useful.  If it provides
> a function useful to a large % of developers and it doesn't violate FSSTND,
> we can discuss making it a part of the base system.  Comments?

I suspect that, if I did that, it'd be a roll of the dice whether
those who could benefit from this would notice that small package
among all the others and pick up on what it does and how it'd be
of benefit to them.  My suggestion of making the change in the 
standard debian base system would solve this problem in the standard
configuration for those who could benefit from a solution, without
negatively impacting anyone else (At least not as far as I see.  I've
seen nobody argue this point to the contrary).

The only objection I've seen is that debian, which currently is
neither compliant nor compatible with the FSSTND, would be
"FSSTND compatible" with this change instead of "FSSTND compliant"
(if all the current points of noncompliance were brought into
compliance and kept in compliance, that is).

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