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I uploaded my current TeX distribution to Incoming on ftp.debian.org.
Due to my slow link (going to change RSN) I only provided the binary
packages and the diffs. Keep in mind that there is a common source
for bibtex, dvilj, dvips, xdvi, texbin, tex, mfbin, metafont, mfxyes
and mfxno, because all these use the same kpathsea library. This
will change in the future, providing separate souce for dvilj, dvips
and xdvi.

This is a preliminary release intended to get some feedback
from sites willing to test it. I do not expect major bugs,
but a lot of possibly annoying smaller ones.


* Use new kpathsea path search library, using a runtime configuration

* Upgrade LaTeX to LaTeX-2e from Jul 01 1995, patch lavel 1

* hypenation configuration script

* xdvi and mfxyes now for X11 Release 6

* No verbose output from postinst scripts

Still missing:
- LaTeX tools
- Some extra LaTeX packages
- default printer configuration script
  (needs still be done by hand)
- More Metafont-Fonts
- documentation of debian-specific setup

Here are the checksums

1f1356b5bce3b1ec4da6d8bae9a0b305  bibtex-0.99c-2.deb
a0f9e47c3140a7f63a9ae0759e994dbd  dvilj-2.5-2.deb
fe93fd0e59ffe8b41bbf91534b1003b0  dvips-5.58f-2.deb
ec36554ae9adf331cb6e19400536a2f1  latex-2e-2.deb
536824de36ad13ce965851f02cd9a241  makeindex-2.12-2.deb
4e324f50ddb7d4b1aabca3a370a09c66  metafont-2.71-2.deb
2cc981d983b9bced2eec1238b8cc5cde  mfbasfnt-1.0-2.deb
34c537a99c874fe57af8227e4d1abee0  mfbin-2.71-2.deb
2d1593bc0d29f49bc3c10135c8ecd3c0  mflib-1.0-2.deb
ce2928d89115cf9d3961bc783b16ef21  mfxno-2.71-2.deb
7b5568cf6c957f671d038d56892edf0a  mfxyes-2.71-2.deb
69eb8116a953ba1b2f460e481e508e12  ps2pk-1.4-2.deb
5c9268af6f28413c88b6ac48851fdf35  tex-3.1415-2.deb
1ca61e4be87b84533794fe34075617bf  texbin-3.1415-2.deb
5cde226ab1f35804b8ee21ef2ac01acf  texlib-1.0-2.deb
44d2249342c744db0e9702ecf0e5bc8e  textfm-1.0-2.deb
2b2cc20d85da8011ce76ef6fa645ffeb  xdvi-1.8f-2.deb

3d167ddc0b66406a0c758c6978ed291e  latex-2e-2.diff.gz
19417e2504ba54197a56d0b81798386e  makeindex-2.12-2.diff.gz
1b84ffc6c68a4f25cf36f0ae5e29e95c  ps2pk-1.4-2.diff.gz
0097e94c185a2749fbc9f7e1c336b3e6  web2c-6.1-2.diff.gz

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