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Re: investigation of SYSLINUX booting problems

iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk said:
> Except, it seems, support certain systems.  (OK, we may have 
> identified and solved one of the main problems, but it seems to me 
> easier to support one program than two.)

I don't have any reports yet of systems on which the patched boot disk doesn't
work. I like SYSLINUX because it's easier for the MS-DOS user to build custom
boot disks without us having to generate a whole filesystem for them.
Whatever I use to build boot disks, I'll keep LILO, SYSLINUX, and
LOADLIN in my toolkit to deal with individual problems.

I will be looking into the new in-kernel-uncompressing ramdisk
code - if it works well that will be better than the user-mode uncompressing
scheme because we won't have to deal with library problems, and the new code
uses less memory (the old code used the buffer system to buffer an in-memory
filesystem, thus could use twice as much RAM). The risk factor is that the
person who wrote this new code did it as his first Linux kernel hack - so I 
don't know if it's any good yet.

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