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Re: Bug reporting script

Richard Kettlewell writes ("Re: Bug reporting script"):
> [...]
> > How about if I make `dpkg --audit <package>' produce warnings relevant
> > only to that particular package ?  (Conflicts/dependencies/
> > recommendations violated, and depended-on packages not configured,
> > that is.)
> Yes, that'd be a good thing.  Such problems should probably be regarded 
> as local errors and therefore prevented from being sent to debian-bugs.

Indeed.  Though, perhaps it would be better to ask `is the problem
that you are unable to configure the package' or some such, so that
(for example) postinst bugs can be reported.

> There is one problem ... dpkg as installed on my machine fails to get a
> lock unless run as root.  Is there an accepted way for non-privileged
> users to query the database without going straight to /var/lib/dpkg?  

In the new C dpkg status enquiry options don't lock the database.

>  I'm
> not sure I want to make the repair program setuid root, though possibly
> some of the sanity checking scripts might turn out to require that. 
> (Example: ppp, where some of the config files are hidden away in 
> /etc/ppp, unreadable to normal users.)

How about leaving that up to the checking script ?  It could say `you
need to be root to report bugs in this package, because the
configuration files are otherwise inaccessible' or some such.


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