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`status' file recovery (was Re: Bug reporting script)

Bill Mitchell writes ("Re: Bug reporting script"):
> [...]
> Here's something I've had kicking around in the back of my
> head for some time but have hesitated to suggest.  Is it
> worthwhile to have a utility or inbuilt dpkg facility which
> would attempt to rebuild the dpkg status file working from
> what's in the dpkg/info directory?  

This isn't really possible.  There is not much redundancy between the
info/* files and the `status' database.

If you really lose /var/lib/dpkg/status and all of the backup versions
are broken too your best bet is to create an empty status file and
reinstall everything over the top of your existing installation (using
--force-depends if necessary).

You'll lose information about which conffiles you've edited, and will
probably be prompted about all of them, but there's not much that can
be done about that.


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